Over the last couple of weeks, I have been learning how to program in C#. I’m following a course over at edx.org that is given by Microsoft. In the past I have been looking at C# a number of times, as it is a nice medium between C and Java. Following this course has brought back a lot of the stuff I was taught in school about programming, but we were learning Java back then.

But why C#?

I’m looking into C# as it is the defacto language to program in if you want to work with Unity, and it is very cross-platform these days thanks to the Mono Project. Microsoft is also working on some Open source stuff for the .Net framework.


One more thing I would like to show you is Xamarin, a cross platform system to write apps for Android and Osx in C#. This is another major reason for me to try to learn C# as it would allow my to write apps in on language and release it on all major platforms.