Time fly’s when your having fun! Its been over 2 months since I made a post, not really what I was planning on. It’s not like I’m having writers block, I just haven’t found the time to write. Between work and the house and me being lazy I’m just to busy =)

The current programming language

Drum roll… is JavaScript! As posted before, I’m trying to make an App for my wife. I tried Java and Android or C# and Xamarin, but Javascript with Cordova / PhoneGap Or Ionic / steroids.js seems to be a lot simpler. Taking a photo and getting it to actually show is only a few lines of code, and you don’t have to work with intents or promises.

The same goes for saving data. I’m using local storage now to save data by stringify’ing a JSON object with the JSON.stringify function. This works great, as all I need to save is text data. If you need more complex things to store, you maybe better of with a SQLite solution.