A Month in the Terminal

I have decided to try and work a month in the terminal, do all what I can on the cli. To do so, I need a replacement for all the tools I use. Fortunatly, Linux has a lot of cli tools to choice from. There are offcourse some obvious choices, like my editor, but there are also some tools I still need to find. There are also some tools I don't think I can really do without, like a browser. I know there is browsh and I might look into it, but I think it's just to much of a productivity killer for now.


So what tools will I be using this month? I haven't made a final list yet, but here is what I have so far.


I have been using both NeoVim and Emacs for years, so this is one of the more easy chooces. For this month I will try to stick to NeoVim. I'm currently using NvChad from siduck76 with some small changes to the config.

Task management

For the management of my work I will use Taskwarrior. I am for ever switching between org-mode and Taskwarrior to track what I need to do, and so far I haven't found a good solution.


Not sure what to use, maybe Cmus?


Maybe Mutt or Alpine.


To replace Insomnia / Postman  I can just use curl with jq.

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