One of my first projects here will be an Android app I’m building for my wife. I can’t go into details about the app just yet, but it’s going to be something she can use.

Android Development

Android, as some of you might know, is programmed in Java. And since I had 2 years of Java programming way back in 2005 / 2006, should be easy right? Well, if you don’t program for so long, its actual not. Programming is a lot like speaking a language, if you don’t do it you lose the understanding. I was quite good in German in high school, but now a days I struggle to understand it.

So, what about the app?

Well, I’m not completely lost in the code. I still no all the major constructs, and when I read the code I understand whats happening in about 80% of the time. Most important for me is that I have to get back into the hang of things. Making buttons and switching content is not so hard, the thing I’m stuck on is using the camera. But maybe I’m just trying to much to fast, and I should finish the wonderful android documentation¬†