I have been using Emacs for some time now, and it has been interesting, but there are some things that make it a bit difficult to use. The key bindings for instance are at times really weird and impossible to guess. Some things are hard to get to work, and with others I run into some limitations with Emacs. Nevertheless it is an interesting editor to work with. It was fun to tell an external engineer that I use Emacs when he was asking about the editor I used, and seeing his reaction. There are some things I had to abandoned as they were, at least for now, not improving my work flow. Especially email in Emacs was not working the way I wanted and I went back to using Gmail.

Over the last couple of months my Emacs config grew with bits I added and it is starting to be a bit incomprehensible. I wanted to redo do my config in org-mode for a while now, So I'm going to start from scratch and add the bits I'm missing. That way, I will end up with a clear config with only the thing I need.

For the initial config I will be borrowing from Sacha Chua her Emacs config. I will try to post my config here as I go along.