Emacs a New Dawn.

I have been using Emacs for some time now, and it has been interesting, but there are some things that make it a bit difficult to use. The key bindings for instance are at times really weird and impossible to guess. Some things are hard to get to work, and with others I run into some limitations with Emacs. Nevertheless it is an interesting editor to work with. It was fun to tell an external engineer that I use Emacs when he was asking about the editor I used, and seeing his reaction. [Read More]

Hello from Emacs!

Lately I have been working more in emacs, trying to see what I can do with it. The keyboard shortcuts are a bit arcane, but when you get used to them it' actualy fun to work with. This post for instance is written in emacs on my laptop. I have already setup my email with notmuch and offlineimap. This allows me to read and write mail in emacs. And the next thing I'm working in is to learn to use org-mode with org2blog. [Read More]